Hi there,

Thanks for stumbling across my humble blog – not sure how you did but nonetheless, I am super ecstatic to have you here!

Welcome to Decaf & Soy – my quaint attempt at trying to quiet down the voice reminding me that I am getting closer and closer to my eventual doom, a.k.a. adulthood. My name is Emily and I am an 18 year old student studying in Toronto, Canada. I love my family, my boyfriend, and food. And when all three are combined, that is when you will see me at my happiest.

Why ‘Decaf and Soy’? Because like every other millennial out there, I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict and ‘Decaf and Soy’ is how I would always customize my drink at Starbucks. Past tense because since realizing that almond milk is like 100 times better, I have made the switch. Having said that, ‘Decaf and Soy’ just sounds so much better than ‘Decaf and Almond’, am I right?

Here’s to hoping that this blog doesn’t end up in my extensive collection of ‘projects started but never finished’.